We are, as always, striving after a feeling of ”being there” in the music we listen to. The feeling of being at the concert, or in the studio when the music was recorded.

It is, of course, a tube based amplifier that can be driven in either Ultralinear or Triode mode, and our new APS AirArt Integrated Amplifier has been developed to have the same sound signature as our top of the line separate AirArt Preamplifier and AirArt Monoblocks. It offers 35 watts per channel in ultralinear mode, and 18 watts per channel when run in triode mode.

It is also developed, constructed and hand-built in Sweden like all APS products. The Integrated Amp also follows our usual strategy that quality pays off in final audio quality. Therefore it is built with top quality components from leading suppliers from around the globe.

The integrated amp is constructed with two separate power supplies for the preamp and power-amplifier parts, where the preamp part is hardwired


Power per channel (4 x EL34 power tubes):
Ultralinear mode 35 Watts
Triode mode 18 Watts

Signal tubes:
6 x ECC82/12AU7

Power tubes EL34/6CA7

Volume control & input selector:
Khozmo remote controlled relay based true ladder and shunt type attenutor with LCD display

3 RCA inputs 

Speaker terminals Dynavox

Internal wiring:
Jupiter kablage

Signal capacitor:
Miflex copper foil

Signal path resistors:
Takman and TKD resistors

Power and Output transformers:
Lundahl transformers

CE certified

Dimensions 43 x 43 x 20 cm (B x D x H)

Weight 18 Kg

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