The APS AirArt 120 is the latest amplifier from APS TubeTech. It is a 60-watt advanced monoblock amplifier operating in triode mode. It can drive the more powerful speaker systems, yet with a sound quality that only a few amplifiers can match.

AirArt 120 has an ability to provide a complete experience where the music’s transients and moods come through with a natural and highly believable quality of voices and instruments, and with the fantastic live feeling of ”being there”.

The amplifier is still an all-tube design built around a soft-start tube rectifier, but with updated transformers and a larger power supply aimed at providing the right conditions for the more powerful KT150 power tube.

The chassis has also been updated to a new passively cooled one, to avoid cooling fans in our stylish design. The flexible ”half-width” format still makes it easy to place.

Internally, we still use the market’s highest quality components from, among others, Lundahl, Jupiter, Furutech WBT and Takman to achieve the highest level of fidelity. Quality in parts certainly pays off. The bias setting in the AirArt 120 is easily adjustable with a separate measurement point per power tube. It is easily adjusted with a standard multimeter when replacing.